why-business-needs-radio-interview-exposure-the-pr-group-clearwater-flJust from the title, I know you’re thinking, “well of course she would think I need radio exposure, she’s in business to tell me this, she thinks everyone needs radio exposure.”

True and not true. True, we make it our business to book clients on radio interviews so of course we think it’s a fantastic method of education and promotion. Publicity of any kind is effective and although most people it really is a necessary method of promotion. Not true that I’m just tooting my own horn for the sake of accumulating new clients. I actually use my own publicity services for a side business. We manufacture and sell a non-surgical face lift.

That said, I am a believer in Radio Interview Exposure. Many people will say why would I want to waste my time doing interviews when I can tape a :30 second spot ad and have it play all day long? My first response is, how much more can you say in 10 minutes? And how much more believable are you when you’re talking live on-air? Millions of people listen to the radio while they’re in their cars driving, sitting in the dentist chair, or have the radio on in the background as they’re working. So there’s a pretty good chance that your clients and potential clients are listening to the radio.

Plain and simple. Radio interviews are not just another place for you to place an ad. Radio interviews are a place where you can talk with your potential clients and many other smart people who know people who could be potential clients. Information goes viral when you’re on radio interviews. You never know who will contact you back and what path they take to get back with you.

While on the air, you will need to do a little work to engage these people… no one just sits around listing to the radio. Radio is background but when you reach people and get them listening to you, and reacting to your call-to-action by going to your website or ordering product, there are huge payoffs and accelerated growth.

Why would a small business need this? The answer is simple: Credibility and authenticity. People love to work with people that are referred by those they like and trust. The host –and even the radio station are entities that people like and trust. The radio interviews come off as a referral. It’s not to say that other promotional actions aren’t effective, but when it comes to a 3rd party referral, how will you ever get that kind of a referral from post cards or email campaigns? When someone is allowed to hear you and learn from you –as they do while you’re on the air, they purchase with confidence. Maybe it takes more than one interview before they gain trust. Or it takes one interview where they’ll sign up for your newsletter and then your marketing department takes over with the interactive newsletter contact. Over a period of time the potential customers will grow to trust you. Guess who they call when they need a product like yours? … YOU. That’s the point.

Why would a large business need this? Large businesses need to educate and implement long term branding goals to firmly plant themselves in the minds of the consumer.

Why does your business need radio interview exposure? To build wider range of loyal customers who have been educated by you or your radio interview spokesperson. Once a consumer is educated, you have a loyal customer for life. This, helps you make more money. Plain and simple. If you implement a radio interview campaign and spend the time perfecting your spokesperson delivery skills, people will find you that never would have found you otherwise and you. Doors will open and you will make money.

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