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“It turned out GREAT! I’m so thankful it worked out, because it fit right into what I was talking about!”

WMVO-AM, Columbus, OH

“What an AWESOME show with Dr. Lytle! Please give him a HUGE thank you for his time, and for coming on. We loved having him on and sharing his wealth of knowledge with our listeners.”

Blog Talk Radio

“I loved him! I loved his passion and knowledge! Just loved it! I can’t wait to air his interview. Thank you for sharing him with me! I know I kept him too long, which I never do, and I am going to accept a trial of his product, which I never do! I just am enthralled with this information! Please let me know when you have other guests as fabulous as Mark. Thanks!”

WDTW-FM, Detroit, MI

“Thanks SO much for lining up Dr. Feder today…she was terrific!! Really appreciate it.”

WDRC-FM, Hartford-New Britain-Middletown, CT

“Wanted to let you know we had a VERY fun time talking with Phil last week on KUIK with Jayne Carroll! Had several listeners call in after the interview for more information. Thanks again!”

KUIK-AM, Portland, OR

“Please Tell Dr, Kracoff he was FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL. Loved him! Thank you so much for setting up.”

KFYI-AM, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for your help and information for this interview, you have been a pleasure to work with!”

CFCO-FM, Ontario, Canada

“Thanks for being so efficient…it is a quality that is sometimes hard to find:) Have a great day.”

Florida Golf Central Magazine Editor-in-Chief

“Your guest was terrific and the show aired several times.”

KNWZ-AM, Palm Springs, CA

“Andy was a guest on my show about a month ago and was a huge hit. We actually replayed the hour he was my guest on one of my “best of” hours when I was away from the show. We would love to get him on again, as we have had many listeners call and request him back.”

KSCO-AM, Santa Cruz, CA

“Your client was excellent. We will invite him back in the near future. Thank you!”

WATR-AM, Waterbury, CT

“Your guest was a good interview, he was a good talker!”

KMA-AM, Tri-States / IA, NE, MO

“Mark was an excellent guest! Thank you!”

WZOE-AM, Princeton/Joliet, IL

“Great interview. Thanks!”

KMMT-FM, Mammoth Lakes, CA

“It was an amazing interview. Thank you so much!

WSPL-AM, Joliet/Peoria, IL

”I had a ball interviewing Sam for ‘Mary in the Morning’. Great guy. Send me interview topics for Stuart anytime.”

WSRT-FM, Gaylord, MI

“Loved your doctor guest. The doctor is a very entertaining dude. Keep in touch on him and we’ll do him again soon. Something to keep in mind; I’m No. 1 in the 45+ demo, a ton of seniors on the top end. Whatever topic he plays with in that direction is a good thing. Thanks for your effort.”

KOY-AM, Phoenix, AZ

“This is the best laid out press release I’ve ever viewed. Great work! What other clients do you represent in the business arena?”

FOX News

“Just wanted to let you know that we had Alex on the program on Monday and he was fabulous! We really enjoyed speaking with him and he was a great guest. We couldn’t have planned the conversation better. He really knows his stuff. We will have him on the show again, for sure!”

Northwest Wealth Advisors, Internet Radio

“Your client was positively brilliant on the show this past Saturday. I was totally thrilled!!”

WWKB-AM, Buffalo, NY

“Just to let you know the interview with Dr. Marsh was wonderful. She was excellent. We mentioned products for her, free samples, etc. Thanks for setting up the interview.”

WCCM-AM, Lawrence, MA

“The PR Group performed exceedingly well booking interviews to promote our movie, which assisted in our overall exposure. Each person we dealt with at the company was professional and kept us well-informed. Very highly recommended!”

Movie Associate Producer

OMG!!! This cannot be anyway close to normal is it? I cannot believe the response to the press release. In two days!!!! You people are AWESOME. I sincerely hope this is helping you as much as it is helping me 🙂 ”

Business/Project Management Spokesperson

After an interview about their products: “Just spoke to the buyer at Whole Foods, they had discontinued our products, but recently (yesterday) reordered as folks were asking for it after hearing the radio show. Radio shows really work!! 🙂 ”

Natural Products Client

“I have been extremely impressed with how you and your company are handling your work on this campaign. Very impressive! Thank you for everything.”

Natural Health Supplement Manufacturer

You guys are the best!”

Money and Investment Expert

“I think that your team is doing a fantastic job in getting the radio placements and you are all a joy to work with on our task. You guys really stand out!”

Bio Science Client

“All the great work you have done for us over the last couple of years sure makes me look like a STAR!”

Vitamin Manufacturer

“Don’t know if I ever truly acknowledged you for the wonderful work. Thank you, dear friends!”

Musician / Songwriter

”You have truly made a difference and helped me get my message out to millions more than I would have if I had not worked with you.”

Inspirational Speaker

“The PR Group has been helping to promote our natural health products and book spokespeople via press, radio and television with great success over the past seven years. As a public relations team they offer friendly and professional service. I have found their level of research, strategy and communication to be thorough, insightful and expedient. With their help our promotional tours and seminars gained a vital edge.”

Natural Health Supplement Manufacturer

“Occasionally I’m asked to refer people for writing assignments. I have a short list – about five – of those I believe are very good. The PR Group’s creative director is one.”

PR Newswire Feature News Director

“The PR Group’s team is a comprehensive and efficient vehicle for successful promotion of a product line. I strongly recommend them.”

Natural Products Distributor

“The PR Group got my product onto a local show in Miami. The show created a segment that would have cost me thousands of dollars to produce, and I was able to use this segment to promote my products nationally. Even if I could have afforded to create a professional looking TV spot, it would not have had the “credibility factor” that a news segment inherently possesses. They did a great job.”

Specialty Products Manufacturer

“Thank you for your work in setting up interviews. They have all gone very well.”


“This is superbly written! It is evident you put a good deal of thought and research into this article.”

Medical Research Company

“They took me from obscurity to a featured interview on National TV. She had my company in most major papers including USA Today and had us in every trade mag in the music field, including a two page spread in Billboard! I’ve used their services since 1999.” PR Professional: “I wouldn’t hesitate to call these folks to set up an interview. They know how to play the press release ‘game.’ They probably also know how to do ‘good radio.’”

Manufacturer in Music Industry

”This has been as pain free a ride so far as I could possibly expect. We are at the point now where everything is so organized and easy for me to do the shows I just look forward to the e-mails from Catherine at The PR Group to see what my next radio adventure will be.”

Non-Profit Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Awareness

“We’re heading fast into the new year, but I want to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate your dedication to the mission of making communities drug-free. The products are continually showing up in results like those we saw last week. Within hours of a show on New Orleans talk radio, we received several calls — two of them from members of the New Orleans Police Department. Your role in planting the seeds of that acceptance is most valued. So, to you and all your troops, our thanks for your good work!”

Non-Profit Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Awareness Executive

“I have tried many other forms of advertising, magazines, newspapers and radio commercials, but using The PR Group has generated the most new clients most new clients ever. I would advise any other business like mine to use The PR Group. Publicity interviews via television allowed us to reach a portion of the population who didn’t know we existed. It is one thing to have a great product, but you need to get the word out and educate.”

Day Spa Owner


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