creating-controversy-for-your-brand-the-pr-group-clearwater-flStepping outside of their traditional norms, General Mills’ Cheerios stirred up some controversy amongst viewers and critics with their new television commercial.

In 2013, does anyone care that Cheerios used an interracial couple in their ad? Or was this just the perfect way to set the stage for telling the public General Mills celebrates all families?

The message of the advertisement was a continuance of Cheerios’ Heart Healthy campaign. The ultimate goal was to reflect a typical American family and this advertisement portrays a very realistic family scene.

Despite your position on Cheerios’ advertisement, whether you believe the controversy was fabricated or not, communications specialists everywhere can learn a great deal from many kinds of families and we celebrate them all,” she said.

In constructing an advertisement that speaks true to their morals, the communication specialists at Cheerios knew what they were doing with this ad and the publicity opportunities which followed.

Companies utilize their brand to differentiate themselves from the competition. An organization’s brand is seen as a promise to consumers and serves to represent the company’s beliefs and standards.

Perfect opportunity, created, to further their branding message, celebrating many kinds of families!

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