turn-interview-free-radio-ad-the-pr-group-clearwater-floridaLast week I drove from Tampa to Orlando and never changed the dial on my radio station. I was completely wrapped up in what amounted to a free radio ad listening to an automobile expert talk about, “How to maintain your car and save money.” Please understand that when it comes to automobiles, my only concern is that I put my foot on the gas pedal and the car moves. I have no intentions to ever open the hood of my car to fix anything, yet I continued to listen to his interview and purchased his book for my husband to read.

This speaker engaged me. He did what I emphasize with all our clients; he talked to the audience that was listening. By using several examples on how I could save money fixing my car climate in Florida, not the climate in New York he utilized the interview to sell his product to me. He hooked me. He was talking to me and I found myself nodding and agreeing.

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