effective-publicity-getting-your-key-message-across-the-pr-group-clearwater-flEffective publicity is achieved by getting your main message across. That comes from knowing exactly what your message is and making sure it is said several times during the interview. This may sound like a no brainer, but getting through an entire interview and not delivering your main message more than once is more common than you think and is a ‘publicity killer.’ It’s great to be charming and witty during an interview, and as an audience we love to see A-list celebrities talk about their latest love interest, children or vacation get away. But don’t be fooled, the A-list celebs are selling their latest book, movie or charity – they just don’t have to work as hard as you, because many people will buy what they’re selling even if they never mention the product. We mere mortals have to work just a bit harder during the interview to make sure the listener thinks we’re personable, understands what the product is and afterwards is interested in purchasing

How do you ensure your main message is communicated to listeners?

To Gain Effective Publicity, Know Your Message

Write your key message down, refine it, rehearse and rehearse it again.

Your main message needs to be thoroughly engrained in every fiber of your soul so you can artfully talk about it even if the interviewer doesn’t ask you a single question from your suggested question list.

For example, one of our clients never mentions his product until the very end of the interview. His main message is information, information and still more valuable information so by the end of the interview the host and listeners are begging for him to tell them what the product is and what they can buy from him. This is effective publicity.

Correctly Structure Your Answers

When preparing for the interview you should create several answers to each question, along

with several answers to each potential question the host could ask. After you’ve done a couple dozen interviews you’ll get to the point that you’ve heard all questions and there will be very few surprises. Structure your answers so your most important message gets communicated first. Speak in small sentences, called sound bytees. This way, your key message and information isn’t left unsaid if you are cut short or interrupted.

Speak English

Get your message across as simply as possible. You don’t want to lose your audience by using technical terms or jargon they won’t understand. Approach your subject from the audience’s point of view.

You will create effective publicity for you and your business by communicating your main message naturally within the course of the interview and often as possible.

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