emerging-pr-trends-the-pr-group-clearwater-floridaEmerging PR Trends: The evolution of social media and increased presence of digital media in our homes and businesses provide new opportunities for everyone, including public relations experts.

So what’s my favorite new trend? It’s become business fashionable for entrepreneurs and marketing and PR professionals to find new ways to discover new audiences, new media to convey messages through, and new opportunities to connect brands with fans.

And, we at The PR Group are moving right along with this trend!

For us, in the PR business, the next-best new trend is how we are able to report our results back to clients. Being able to track and locate online publicity placements, and consolidate that information into reports that show clients who has written and talked about them is becoming more accurate.

Another trend? Writing, for the sake of writing, emerged with social media – and became acceptable. Hopefully a short-lived trend, as there’s a difference between writing for story to sell your story and writing what’s on your mind today, especially when the income or success of a client’s marketing/PR campaign depends on it.

Story ideas are the cornerstone of the content which publicists pitch to the media, and I think this very point separates the successful publicists from the crowd of public relations and social media buffs. Writing for your audience is as important in the social media age as it ever was before.

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