radio-publicity-success-story-the-pr-group-clearwater-floridaRadio publicity has been a specialty of ours from day one, since the company first evolved about 20 years ago. To us, radio publicity is nothing new. Getting feedback and hearing success stories from clients, however, that is something that never gets old!

Author Mary Jo Sonntag presented us with a lovely letter this past week, sweetly conveying her appreciation of our good work and the success she experienced as a result.

So here it is, we just had to share:

mary-jo-sonntag-author-book-publicity-the-pr-group-clearwater-fl“Hi Susan,

I just wanted to tell you that I got my quarterly royalty check this week and could see a direct relationship to the radio interviews I did and the number of books I sold. That was satisfying! I also took your advice and started calling libraries, book stores, and historical societies at Lake Tahoe. People have been so friendly and willing to work with me. I’ve scheduled three events so far and have four more percolating. I’ve also been working on getting my books in the state park book shops and that is going well.

What a splendid adventure this is. I’m so glad the PR Group is my partner.

Mary Jo Sonntag”

* “Write, If You Live to Get There” is co-authored by Mary Jo Sonntag and Mary K. Sonntag, and we highly recommend it as a must-read! (

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