Social media placement agency New York

social media placement agency new yorkWe all know that New York City is often considered the capital of the world. People from different countries often flock to the city and its boroughs to experience the culture, art, fashion, lifestyle and even work force. Additionally, many local commuters and residents alike travel from near and far for both work and leisure. This offers a plethora of opportunities for advertisers, in all forms of media.

Print Publicity and Article Placement

Print media is probably one of the most evolved forms of promotion over the years. Many companies have transitioned to online publications, which offer a wider array of advertising space. This is because now, for the first time, articles, promotion material and even ads can be tailored like never before. Your browser has the ability to pinpoint topics, products and services you are interested in and present information back to you..

Social Media Placement

Social media is another arena which is relatively brand new. Social media websites, apps and blogs allow businesses to target their exact group of consumers. While millions of people use this avenue to advertise, a professional PR firm will make you stand out from the others. We have a team of creative individuals who will make sure that your company is represented in the most professional way. This has been proven in the past with our award winning articles, headlines, press releases and media publications. Contact the leading social media placement agency to cover New York.

TV Publicity and Interviews

As television has evolved over the past decade, it is becoming increasingly harder to grasp the attention wanted from consumers. This is why it is important to utilize The PR Group, as our track record shows that we have scheduled our clients in nearly every major TV network, even during prime time. We will help you get seen continuously by millions of viewers, within your target demographic!

Radio Publicity and Interviews

Radio is one of the oldest methods to advertise, and it certainly still has the ability to make a great impact. For example, talk shows are one of the best ways to reach a wide audience, and keep their attention for a longer period of time. Studies show that American listen to approximately 15 Million minutes of AM/FM radio per day. This is 250,000 of listening per day throughout the US. Radio is the key to increasing sales and exposure. The PR Group can schedule you too on radio interviews throughout the US, giving you airtime and the ability to reach all of these radio listeners

Use The PR Group to make your company well known by letting us help you demonstrate your good work through interviews and articles about you and your company. Grow your business to new levels and open new markets for years to come!

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