In today’s social media world, one must be careful to achieve proper branding. Your content will dictate your results. We at The PR Group understand this, and today’s blog will focus on the top 10 PR nightmares.

10. Sarah Palin for Vice President

While it seemed like a good idea with Hilary conceding the presidential race of 2008, the arrival of this new female newcomer sparked excitement for the McCain ticket but trade winds soon died from his sail, as America got familiar with the Palin family.

9. Tiger Woods

November 2009 was kind of a bad month for this PGA all-pro as the world image if this wholesome Nike wearing sports hero changed dramatically as news came out of his raging promiscuity and adulterousness for his then wife.

8. BP Oil Spill

A burning oil rig that killed 11 people were the least of BP’s worries as they

received a huge public backlash at the way the handled the worst oil spill in American history, the spill last almost 4 months and is still shrouded in controversy a year after it happened.

7. Toyota Recall

Toyota’s massive recall for faulty runaway accelerator pedals dealt a vicious blow to this auto titan’s credibility. The recall consisted of over 5 million cars and cost the auto-maker roughly $5.5 billion. That’s one hefty price tag!

6. John Edwards

This former presidential hopefully and former 2004 running mate of democratic candidate for John Kerry had an extra marital affair while running for president in 2008. To make the situation worse, his wife Elizabeth was in the midst of a bout with breast cancer, an illness that would claim her life in December of 2010. Needless to say, this candidate was crushed from the running with the news of this scandal.

5. JetBlue Strands Passengers On Runway

When a severe ice storm paralyzed the Northeast, JetBlue kept some passengers on planes stuck on tarmacs for more than 10 hours on Valentine’s Day. Things didn’t get any better in the next few days. JetBlue canceled more than 1,000 flights over the busy President’s Day holiday weekend.

4. AIG Post Bailout Retreat

Just days after receiving an $85 billion taxpayer bailout AIG Top executives at the failed insurance giant spent more than $440,000 at a company retreat. Granted 440,000 is a small number compared to $85 billion; that’s just bad form.

3. Domino’s Gross Out

Picture yourself as an executive of a popular pizza restaurant chain, now picture a video popping up on youtube of an employee sticking a piece of cheese in his nose then placing it on a customers food order, or an employee farting on some pieces of pepperoni. Now picture that video getting 1 million views before you even have the chance to respond. It’ll surly leave a bad taste in any ones mouth

2. Abu Ghraib

The United States government had their hands full with this one, US marines holding Iraqi POWs, embarrassing and degrading the Iraqi men by stacking them up in the nude and torturing them. Not only a case of bad PR but a case of bad policy too.

1. Wiki Leaks

Julian Assange really woke the U.S. government up with his release of 250,000 secret wartime documents; the wiki leak’s released covered everything from the slaughter of innocent civilians to torture claims and even specific war costs. Someone should of told Assange that the government doesn’t like the public knowing things.

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