using-back-to-school-to-back-your-business-the-pr-group-clearwater-fl“Back-to-school” means a few things. It means new schedules. It means new clothes, glue sticks, and number two pencils. It means new marketing tactics and with only a few more weeks of summer fun, I’m reminding marketers to capitalize on this “back-to-school” season to attract consumers and increase profits.

Today’s culture is fixated by a “buy it now” mentality and we are a culture of immediacy so isn’t it true that successful campaigns occur when marketing professionals cater to this mindset?

All industries can create great campaigns that utilize current events

to their marketing advantage. The “back-to-school” season is one of those events and I’m here to offer you a few marketing ideas –mostly oriented to small business owners as we launch into the back-to-school season.

1. Back-To-School Discounts

Creating discounts targeted at families is an excellent way to drive traffic during the months of August and September. With all of the money being spent on school supplies and new clothes, families love to save wherever possible. Create custom deals for your product or service that help families to cut costs.

2. Partnerships

Partner up with local schools and show your support for some of their educational and athletic programs! Donating a portion of your sales to the local school is an excellent way to drive traffic and create attention for your business.

3. Target Teachers

Don’t forget about the teachers! Create discounts and offers tailored specifically to teachers. This will make you stand out, and in turn, will lead to several referrals.

4. Create Back-To-School Bundles

Create packages to allow busy parents and teachers the opportunity for quantity discounts of products bundled together. This way they can stock up for a few months, or even the whole year.

5. Advertise

Include back-to-school in your advertising, publicity or community outreach campaigns.

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