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The PR Group gives you
guaranteed placements!

We offer you creative campaigns and guaranteed results. For every dollar you budget and spend with us, you will get media coverage in exchange. It’s guaranteed because we are a Pay For Placement (aka Pay For Performance) publicity agency.

  • No disappointments and no surprises. Sound unusual?  It is.
  • The typical way for an ad agency to bill for service is by the ad placed.
  • We do the same with publicity.


Our Areas Of Media Expertise

It can be challenging for a small business to set up, maintain and protect their PR strategy. We can help with this and more.

Publicists Making Good Works Well Known

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Having PR experts on your side with a deep and broad understanding of topic-driven media can make the difference between your business thriving and simply surviving.
Marketing Essentials: The 4 P’s

Marketing Essentials: The 4 P’s

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Competitive Advertising vs. Public Relations

Competitive Advertising vs. Public Relations

Competitive advertising is an entertaining persuasion tactic, telling you why

Best Apps For Productivity

Best Apps For Productivity

For communications professionals, productivity is synonymous with efficiency. Being productive

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