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Podcasts for Business?

Podcast interviews for public relations?

The recent popularity and surge in the number of people listening to podcast interviews hasn’t been as much of a surprise for public relations professionals as it was to traditional radio stations and networks. Or maybe traditional radio hoped the competition would go away.

We, in the PR business knew it was just a matter of time before the listening customer realized the podcast listening value and podcasters created enough volume to build and maintain audiences. In any case, the popularity of Podcast listening is on the rise.

I recently read an interesting study from Edison Research that provided a breakdown of how much of the total audio consumed by Americans was devoted to podcasts and other listening medium. It’s eye opening, because it shows the popularity of podcast customers have increased, a valuable statistic for those who understand the Hub Theory. Here’s the way the listening minutes break down to ‘Share of Ear’:

Podcasts – 30%
Owned music – 23%
AM/FM Radio – 21%
Streaming audio, Pandora and Spotify – 12%
TV Music – 9%
Sirius XM – 5%
According to Edison Research, Americans listen to approximately 21,117,000 hours of podcast audio every day which also means Americans listen to approximately 15Million minutes of AM/FM Radio per day, a significant amount of listening.

Podcasts have the ability to record and store, allowing listeners to download the shows and topics they are interested in during workouts, commutes, and personal listening time.

Podcast listeners tend to give podcasts more attention and according to the study, more time.

At the PR Group, we schedule our clients on hundreds of podcast interviews for public relations and AM/FM radio interviews per month, month after month, covering all topics and lengths. The shows are usually archived with keywords allowing your potential customers to find you through these shows, and listen. Call us to find out if we can schedule you on podcast and AM/FM radio interviews for public relations.