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Our Story

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, our clients are located throughout the United States and Canada. Our specialty is publicity and media coverage for our clients. Since we began in 1993, we have scheduled guests on every network and every show possible.

As a premiere boutique PR agency, we have booked over a hundred thousand radio and TV shows. We do the same with magazine and newspaper placements – our team gets unheard of amounts of articles, write-ups and mentions.

Clearly, we are not a PR agency that sits around
waiting for the media to come to us

With a “no-BS approach” and “get results” work ethic, we obtain media coverage for our clients. Our expertise covers a wide variety of subjects and categories including arts, entertainment, fashion, beauty, sports, spirituality, parenting, education, women’s issues, medical, health and nutrition, business and finance, money and economics, authors and experts, high tech, low tech, as well as general interest and consumer goods.

In short, we publicists making good works well known, and are driven to ensure that each and every one of our clients receive maximum exposure in their chosen target media; TV, radio, podcast, print and/or online.




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