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Vicki Southard - Co-founder - President - The PR Group - Tampa Bay

Vicki Southard

Co-founder, President

Vicki co-founded The PR Group 20 years ago along with Writer/Creative Director Steve Town. Vicki began her career after completing studies at San Jose State University’s business school, working in Silicon Valley with high-tech companies, while later working in Europe and New York City. These experiences have provided insights on the publicity needs of growing companies and are key to The PR Group’s success. Vicki has significant experience working on large campaigns requiring the media to respond quickly. She keeps the wheels turning at the PR Group by overseeing new business development, staff training, our large amount of media placements and client satisfaction.


Steve Town

Co-founder, Creative Director

Steve co-founded The PR Group 20 years ago along with Vicki. Steve’s natural ability to write keeps clients around and coming back for more. Steve serves as Creative Director and has the responsibility to create compelling content that attracts maximum reach. An experienced writer, he also serves as the company’s senior copywriter. His ability to conjure catchy headlines and his animated writing style helped earn him the first-ever “Best Feature-style News Release” award from PR Newswire. His press releases are used by wire service editors and classroom instructors for training publicists how to write copy that gets noticed and used by both print and electronic media.


Terry Tinkelenberg

Accounting Manager

Terry joined us about 10 years ago, bringing years of valuable finance and accounting experience to our company. Her insight on business and profitability makes us lucky to have her here. She was born in South Africa, and trained in business finance with companies located around the world. She has an error-free history with us which our clients have grown accustomed to. She keeps us organized and up to date with our vendors, clients and Uncle Sam.

Crystal Gorges - Publicist - The PR Group - Tampa Bay

Crystal Gorges

Publicist / Radio, Television &
Print Campaign Manager

Crystal joined us in 2016 coming from a background in Nursing and learned publicity from the ground up. Assisting clients both large and small, in industries as varied as high technology and healthcare to entertainment and publishing, Crystal works closely with influential producers, hosts and anchors throughout the US and Canada to schedule clients on the best shows possible. This in turn ensures that clients are able to reach and educate their target public to achieve their overall publicity and promotion goals.


Kelly Fay

Publicist / Radio, Television
New Client Development

Kelly joined us 11 years ago and learned publicity from the ground up. She has been meticulous about the way she maintains our media contact databases so she manages all of our huge databases of media contacts and our new business databases too. As one of the rare native Floridians, Kelly spends her free time researching and talking about her family history, which goes back to the founding of Florida by the Spanish. She is a big community service volunteer and is known for her enthusiasm to help.

Jeannine Dowdell - The-PR-Group

Jeannine Dowdell

Publicist / Print

Jeannine has 20 plus years as a PR, Publicist and Copywriter, working with clients in a myriad of industries including Supplements, Alternative Health Care Financial Services, Construction and Home Services, Electric Vehicles, Education, Software, Authors, Hospitality, and Restaurants both offline and online. Her training and experience in SEO benefits clients using digital media. She loves getting the client’s message broadly distributed to their target public to help the company achieve their publicity and promotion goals.

Scott D Welch - The PR Group

Scott D Welch

Webmaster / Copywriter

Scott has “a few” decades of public relations and marketing experience under his belt and has worked with individuals and companies in myriad services and industries. He has written and published nearly two million words, including a novel, short stories, news and feature articles, blog posts, ad copy, web content, and more, while also licensing and selling his photography. Though not a programmer, he began working with websites in 2007 and since that time has created, redesigned and edited numerous sites.

Lola - Chief Morale Officer


Chief Morale Officer

Lola started working with us over 10 years ago when she was a pup. She’s now the Chief Morale Officer and loves everyone – with the exception of the UPS driver.

(Note: Fed EX gives her a treat with every delivery!)


“All the great work you have done for us over the last couple of years sure makes me look like a STAR!”

Vitamin Manufacturer

“The PR Group’s team is a comprehensive and efficient vehicle for successful promotion of a product line. I strongly recommend them.”

Natural Products Distributor

“Don’t know if I ever truly acknowledged you for the wonderful work. Thank you, dear friends!”

Musician / Songwriter




Freelance Writers

We work with freelance writers.

Are you an experienced press writer looking for more writing assignments?  Contact our creative department at: GreatInterviews(at)


Student Internships

We accept student internships.

Every year we accept several internship applications from Public Relations, Marketing or Mass Communications students. We’ve trained students from all of the nearby colleges and Universities over the years. We do our best to provide career building experience for our interns. If you would like to apply for one of our internship positions, please email us at: GreatInterviews(at)ThePRGroup.Com


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