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Writing a Press Release?

Learn 6 basic rules for writing an impressive press release!

If you are considering writing and issuing your own press release and want to increase the odds of your release being picked up by editors and producers, here are a few tips to keep in mind which can help ensure that your material gets a favorable response. Here are the 6 basic rules for writing a great press release.

1. Make it useful: Editors are very happy to relay useful information to their readers, so the first thing any copywriter should ask himself is; “Is there any information in this release that will make a reader’s life better, easier, or more enjoyable?” If the piece doesn’t contain useful info for the reader, chances are editors won’t use it.

2. Make the headline punchy: Editors get hundreds of emails daily from publicists pitching story ideas, so make sure your press release headline is “clickable” – meaning it’s brief, attention-getting, and to the point. Writing headlines is an art form, so pick up a newspaper or study an online publication and see which headlines grab your attention. The more headlines you study, the better yours will become.

3. Always include an attribution; meaning, clearly indicate who is making the claims or statements contained in the press release and indicate what their position or qualifications are. Usually attributions are made by the 2nd or 3rd paragraphs.

4. Always document your claims; If you write a press release entitled: “Company Makes World’s Best Dishwasher” you must include test results, clinical studies, or statements from experts or consumer groups which support the claim.

5. Make the release about what your company has already done or produced, not about what it plans to do or produce in the future. Future plans can be part of the release, but be sure to have the focus on what was actually done, e.g., a licensing agreement was signed, a parcel of land was chosen, start-up funding was completed, etc.

6. Keep the release as short as possible, usually 300 to 600 words. After you complete the first draft, go back and see how many adjectives you can remove without diluting your message. You’ll be surprised.

Please, let us know how these 6 basic rules for writing a press release help you or contact us for professionally written press releases the media will be happy to receive and stay tuned for more DIY press release writing tips.