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Best Apps For Productivity

For communications professionals, productivity is synonymous with efficiency. Being productive isn’t about working harder, but working smarter. Public relations, marketing and advertising professionals are in the business of time management. Minutes are precious. Fortunately, several masterminds have set out to make life a little easier via smart phone applications. From organization to motivation, below are the best apps for productivity.

1. Evernote

What makes Evernote so great? It’s versatile and free. Evernote, one of

the best apps for productivity on the market today, is available in web iOS and android versions. Designed for note taking or archiving, Evernote allows for file sorting, annotating, editing and attaching.

2. Buffer

Branded as being “a smarter way to share,” there is no question as to why this application appeared on our list of the best apps for productivity. Buffer allows users to easily add articles, pictures and videos to your “queue” that are then automatically shared to your social media feeds throughout the day.

3. Dropbox

Offering cloud storage and file synching, it is not surprising that Dropbox is seen as one of the best apps for productivity. Dropbox is a free app that supports Android, Apple and Microsoft platforms.

4. Wunderlist

Go to Wunderlist’s website (, and you’ll see that “more than 4 million people use Wunderlist to get things done.” Wunderlist allows users to create to-dos that are then assigned to various lists (e.g. shopping, work). These lists can be

shared with colleagues, family and friends and are viewable on most platforms.

5. Focusbooster

Focusbooster, which is based off principles of the pomodoro technique, helps to eliminate the anxiety brought about by time constraints and thus enhance productivity. It’s free to use and the simple, sleek design sets it apart from other pomodoro-based applications, making it one of the best apps for productivity.