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Making the Most of Summer Internships with PR Firms

PR firms — your interns are hungry. Fourth of July has come and gone and in a month many summer interns will be packing up their bags and heading back to school. With only about thirty more days left of summer internships, it is officially crunch time. Whatever industry you’re interning in, it is vital that you absorb as much information as possible, as internships are an important step towards your future career. As a student who has completed several internships, I have outlined a few tips to help you make the most of your summer internship:

1. Build a Relationship With Your Supervisor

Throughout your internship, and even far after completion, your supervisor will be a fantastic resource that you do not want to take advantage of. He or she will be your number one fan and a great networking tool. Building and developing this relationship cannot be overstressed.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions shows that you are eager to learn, but it is also the number one way for you to develop yourself as an aspiring professional in your given field. Your co-workers understand that you are fresh to the industry, and are more than willing to help you make the most of your summer internship experience.

3. Make Yourself Valuable

Your supervisor took a chance on you. Most likely, he or she had several applicants who would give their left shoe to fill your position. Do not take your role as an “intern” lightly.

Instead, make yourself valuable. Do the tedious tasks and take your work seriously.

4. Take Notes

Write down everything. The notes you take during your internship will be a valuable resource post-graduation. Being knowledgeable about your career field and the office culture of PR firms makes you much more valuable to future employers.

5. Ask For Advice

Be open with your co-workers about your future plans. Active in the field, these people can be helpful in suggesting career choices, sharing potential employment leads and even recommending you for a position.