The PR Group

Public Relations for Authors

Writing a book takes several months and considerable dedication. The composition process involves quite a bit more than the actual writing itself. From research, to planning, to promotion, the author must continuously engage with and understand the target is aimed at.

After publishing is complete, constructing a publicity campaign is crucial. Public awareness is the first step in generating sales. Between other books, or even other jobs, most authors have enough on their plates, without worrying about the stresses of publicity. Hiring a good publicist ensures that your book’s reach extends beyond just niche audiences, reaching a vast market of potential purchasers.

Publicists are typically responsible for the creation and execution of your promotion campaign. First and foremost, a plan should be developed that includes all areas of promotion. The usual promotion possibilities are radio and TV interviews, full book tours which include as much media on a city-by-city basis as possible, book signings and speaking engagements. One tool publicists use to communicate to the media is the press release. A well written and correctly distributed press release can be valuable beyond measure.

Remember, as an author, you are a brand. The image that your book and your campaign portray will influence your future success. Your reputation as a credible author is at stake. For that reason it is important to ensure that whomever tackles your publicity efforts is skilled and seasoned in the field of public relations. It is vital, too, that you play an active role in these publicity efforts. Working closely with a skilled publicist will help ensure your book is prosperous. By noting target audiences, creating a list of top media, and voicing your hopes for the direction and goals of your book, you can ensure your book reaches maximum readability, and ultimately sales.