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Our print media results will provide you local and national exposure in newspapers, magazines and trade publications and online in popular blogs and online-only sites that benefit you.

We use several methods to achieve valuable results for you, depending on the topic, the type of public you need to reach and whether you need to attract readers on a national or local level.

We have many long term relationships with editors and reporters throughout print and online media who know us for providing excellent content and are frequently contacted when they are in need of story ideas

Print publicity should be an important piece of your overall marketing and PR plan because it gives you access to millions of readers and allows you to correctly target readers by topic.

Copywriting and press release distribution are two of the key functions to get articles printed and placed online.


Professional Copywriting?

In this media-saturated world, professional copywriting is recognized. Our creative director is known for catchy headlines and writing press releases that get reprinted in major newspapers without getting chopped up.

Expertly written and award-winning press releases, articles, and ghostwriting give you professional credibility with consumers, peers, and the media.

Compelling Content Attracts Maximum Reach

The compelling content we create keeps clients around and coming back for more. Our creative director’s ability to conjure headlines with a good hook and his animated writing style helped earn him the first ever “Best Feature-style News Release” award from PR Newswire. Some say he’s the keenly intuitive ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of writers by the way he uses logic and powers of observation to draft unique material time and time again. He enjoys thoroughly interviewing each client in order to understand not only what he or she does, but what he or she does better or more effectively than anyone else in that industry or industry niche.

That’s because quality content uses research, analytic tools, and complementary design to capture readers’ attention. At The PR Group, our writers specialize in creating distinct voices for brands. They’re also experts at adjusting content to fit different media channels’ requirements.

For these reasons, our team can help you successfully communicate in any format. Whether you’re looking for press release copywriting, social media posts, web copy, or long-form articles, we will successfully deliver your message to your audiences. Our writers begin every project by consulting clients and conducting interviews. Through these conversations, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the project goals and deliverables.

Press Release Distribution

Why Press Release Distribution?

Efficiently building a concise list of media outlets, successfully assessing the appropriate departments within the target outlets, and knowledgeably addressing the right contacts in the sought-after departments, is a detailed process that requires expert knowledge and resources to be effective. Clients’ press releases are commonly distributed to local, national, and globally syndicated radio and TV outlets, daily newspaper, community newspaper and magazine contacts, top-ranked bloggers, freelancers and online news sites. We successfully distribute press releases that give clients first-rate visibility and placements that deliver the results they want to see and enhanced exposure they deserve.

Press Releases — Get Seen, Read & Deliver Results

Our success is based on great communication to the media and positive relationships that we have developed over the years. To negotiate with the media today, it takes experience and expertise and a lot of communication. They are inundated with people and businesses trying to get stories told, so when it comes to getting the average press release seen AND read, the competition is stiff. But we do not create average press releases. We do not create average communications. We know that it takes innovative plans to deliver your message in a way that the media will become interested, and this is what we do time and time again.

Press Release Distribution Builds & Maintains Identity

There are no pre-arranged agreements, nor contracts with networks or publication companies that limit press releases to reaching only certain, targeted markets. Press releases distributed online are free to surf the web, available to be easily shared by millions through news sites, blogs and other social media. Archived after time, ranking high in terms of longevity; a press release that may not be suited toward a particular segment/article when issued, can re-emerge several months later deemed a perfect fit for the content being covered at that latter time. Thus, it builds and maintains ongoing opportunities for publicity.

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