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We are a Pay-Per-Placement PR Firm — Making Good Works Well Known Why Magazines?

There are over 32,000 magazines and newsletters in circulation in North America that cover every topic imaginable. There is not a single category of public interest that does not have a publication associated with it to forward information, ideas and/or entertainment. Imagine how many people you could reach with a correctly positioned publicity campaign that gets you into publications and allows you to reach your segment of the population!


Provide Credible Endorsements

Magazine editors choose to publish the best and ignore the rest. They provide an important message AND establish or maintain credibility, which is a necessity for every business, service and idea. Different from advertising, which is you telling the customer how good you/your product really is, magazine articles educate and provide an endorsed, third party viewpoint. This is valuable and should be a part of every business or promotional campaign.

Mass Market, Specialty Or Trade

The PR Group does an excellent job of correctly targeting and reaching the exact public segments that you want to influence with magazine and newspaper articles pertaining to exactly what you do. Our clients can expect to get their stories published in reputable mass-market magazines, specialty-magazines and trade-magazines.

Why Newspapers?

Approximately 140,000,000 people in the U.S. read a newspaper daily which is about forty percent of the United States’ population. More than this number read a daily newspaper less than weekly and even more read the Sunday edition. If there is so much content on the Internet, why are so many still reading newspapers? Studies point to habits, portability, better information or more local and community information.

Newspapers Educate & Inform

Newspaper journalists entertain, educate and bring us the news we need to stay informed. Newspapers act as our daily source of information, keeping us up-to-date with the latest developments, current trends and important events taking place in the world. You can reach a staggering number of people for a fraction of the cost of advertising.

Award-Winning Articles

Our creative director and senior copywriter is known for his catchy headlines and for writing press releases that get reprinted in major newspapers without getting chopped up or even a single change made. He has a “Best Feature-Style News Release” award from PR Newswire to prove it! If you still need to be convinced that we could effectively handle your print publicity campaigns, please contact us for sample press releases, sample articles and reference letters. We know you will be impressed!

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