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Radio and Podcast Interviews

Why Radio and Podcast?

Radio and podcast are a main source of information for millions of intelligent, active and affluent men and women around the country and have proven to be a perfect long format forum to inform and educate.

Radio talk shows and podcast interviews provide broad and immediate exposure. Radio shows can be local, regional, regionally syndicated or nationally syndicated, while most podcasts are available nearly everywhere, giving you access to thousands or even millions of listeners.

Thousands of radio shows and podcasts look for guests like you to educate and entertain their listening audiences. But how will they find you? Naturally, through The PR Group. We have long-term and established relationships with these stations, shows, producers and hosts.

We’ve been exclusively booking media for our clients since 1993. We have booked clients on just about every show in existence, currently or in the past.

Radio and Podcast

Jumpstart Your Media Outreach

Talk radio and podcast interviews offer you a longer format to talk to the audiences. The typical show length is 15-20 minutes, which allows you ample time to comfortably talk with the host, explain what you do or sell and provide your website for more information.

These interviews are very responsive formats because the shows are usually live and can often have listener call-in capability, asking you questions, while on the air. The average demographic for talk show listeners is between 32 and 72 years of age and the average household income is above $50,000 per year. Most shows are also archived, providing longevity.

Local, Regional Or National

In the beginning, new clients frequently ask, “What are the radio shows and locations we can schedule?” You can choose the areas where you’d like us to book the interviews. For example, you may want to do shows in the top 100 markets. Or, perhaps you only want to do them where you actually have the physical location or hub for your product distribution. Or, perhaps your West Coast sales have been lagging, so you only want to do shows within the Western US. We are quite flexible in the way we sort through our thousands of radio contacts.

Clients only begin doing interviews and go on-air when we are confident they will produce a great quality interview.

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