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Why Social Media Support?

These days we see most major brands being creative and often genius with their social media presence. Why? Social media has continued to evolve into what is now an integral part of our every day lives. People spend more time on social media platforms than any other type of site, and the total time they are spending with them is rapidly increasing from year-to-year.

One of the complexities to social media is providing, or posting good meaningful content that elevates your business. The publicity placements we arrange, whether radio, TV or print placements provide instant endorsements for you and your business and should always posted to your social media sites.

Social Media

Has Profound Reach, Frequency, Accessibility & Permanency

Social media allows for mass-communication and optimum product or service exposure. Its reach, frequency, accessibility and permanency set it apart from any other media. The beauty of communicating through social media platforms is that your information constantly spreads, growing your network and introducing new people to your ideas. It is a consolidated way for you to share what you want to say through written communication, photos, embedded videos and podcasts, all while being able to redirect people to where you want them to go with the click of a button.

As advances to existing social media marketing trends become known, other up-and-coming trends are already in the works to take their place. Keeping up with it all can be overwhelming. That is why our team is constantly researching all realms of those trends, staying ahead of the game so you do not have to. By anticipating what is to come in social media, our professionals are able to implement the most highly effective social media strategies for our clients.

Post, Tweet Or Blog

Post, tweet or blog; Our professional writers maintain your voice while giving you the credibility and image you need with customers and peers. Personal consultations are available on a project-by-project basis. Clients tell us their existing social media presence, social media growth goals and consult with us to find a compatible and effective social media strategy. We assess the needs, explore the possibilities and develop specific actions that lead clients to long-term social media success.

Blogger Relations

Your information is sent to our list of approximately 5,000 blogger contacts. Our verified list ranges from small, independent bloggers, to the known-and-popular blogs. These bloggers have loyal audiences and followers, so their reviews reach people who already trust their opinions, providing you with a third-party endorsement, increased page presence and improved search engine optimization (SEO).

Bloggers share information and opinions, usually in one of two, or a combination of both ways: Either from actual experience with a product, by providing a ‘product review’, or from information provided through a press release or full press kit. Additional materials that can be provided, are: Product information and photos; Company and product logos; Video links; Social media links; And other important branding visuals which the bloggers can re-post. Typical response is 10-to-15 blogger reviews-per-month. This is a great way to increase your SEO and 3rd party endorsements!

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