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Why Television?

Television Producers and TV hosts get swamped with interview ideas and suggestions so it is up to us to create the media campaigns that stand out and get you noticed. This is our specialty. This is where we rock!

We have scheduled our clients on every network and just about every TV show possible: From the main national networks that everyone knows to the smaller local networks across the country.

All shows need experts who are both entertaining and informative, who can speak with insight on controversies and issues or provide lively on-air demonstrations. They all have their dedicated viewing audiences so why not tap into that resource, gaining access to millions of TV viewers.

Television media typically reaches the largest segment of the population in any city.


Has Profound Impact

We work with our corporate clients to create a visual and/or entertaining segment. We take what others view as ordinary and turn it into publicity campaigns that sell the media, which in turn give you access to large and loyal viewing audiences.

We help you break away from your competition, get noticed by the media and noticed by your potential customers.  We monitor the media and we know exactly how to present you, the client, to the media and how to tailor your interview material so that you get the most out of your airtime opportunities.

Are you willing to commute by car or plane, to anywhere in the U.S. where an interview awaits you? Do you only want to do interviews in the areas where your product is located?  Will you be traveling to another state where you’d like to appear on live television? We accommodate client’s needs and wants accordingly, to provide the best TV placements possible in the desired area(s).  We have been successfully booking clients on the top TV and radio shows since for over 20 years!

No Up-Front Fees, “Additional” Expenses Or Retainer Fees

Anchors and producers count on us as their source for entertaining guests and experts.  Our clients count on us to provide access to listening and viewing audiences.  We bill on a per-placement basis so there are NO RETAINER fees or “additional” expenses. You only pay for the shows we schedule.

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